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Cheap Property Deals in Thailand

Posted by Nguyen on August 13, 2014
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Thailand, besides being a cheap location, it’s also a paradise like place where many come to retire or to spend their life in bliss. Thailand offers an amazing opportunity for expats to come and immerse themselves into Asian culture without spending too much money. Many people arriving in Thailand never want to leave so this is why this guide will show you the cities where you will find the cheapest property there.

The first on this list is, obviously, Bangkok, a place that is extremely dynamic and where you have lots of reasons to stay indefinitely. It has cheap high quality medical care, cheap comfortable apartments and cheap entertainment venues. For just a few hundred dollars a month you can easily find rent and buying an apartment will be a fraction of the cost in any Western country. Another advantage in Bangkok is the fact that you can also find a job and there are more English speaking people than in the rest of the country. The majority of people,who choose to live here, usually live in the center of Bangkok as they are in close proximity with anything they might need. Since there are restrictions concerning the purchase of land in the country, Thailand offers condominiums for those who want to live there.

Samui Villas

The next amazing place in Thailand is Chiang Mai, where you get to see amazing mountain views right from your window. It is located in northern Thailand; just an hour flight from Bangkok and it’s a great way to seek a more tranquil location for your living purposes.

For those who have always dreamed of a beach vacation, Phuket can be a great way to retreat in a beautiful place. Here, you can admire the beautiful crystal waters and the mountains overseeing the jungle. If you are more into a calm and easy-going lifestyle, Phuket should be the city you choose especially for those seeking a warmer climate. Property in Phuket is definitely cheaper than in Bangkok so it’s also a great way to save money while buying your dream place.

Hua Hin is another excellent destination as even Thailand’s royal family built a summer house here on the shore. Relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape while you walk on the soft sandy beaches in Hua Hin. Also, Hua Hin is a great place for those who love shopping and local culture as you will often find artisan markets and seafood stalls with amazing food.